Want to Sell Your Home Without Any Stress?

Offering private property sales services in Grand Rapids, MI

Dealing with numerous showings a week when selling your home can be a hassle. Take a different approach by hiring David Buys Homes. We offer private property sales services in the Grand Rapids, MI area. The best part is that there are no title fees or closing costs with our local home buyers. We also don't require any appraisals or repairs to take place.

Find out what you can expect from us

Since you may not have heard about private property sales services before, it's important for you to know what you're getting into. Once you hire us, we'll:


  • Meet with you to discuss your property
  • Check the status of your home and see where you're at with it
  • Create drafts of the paperwork to complete the sale of your home
  • Finalizing the documents and taking over ownership of your home
  • And most importantly, offer you cash on the spot






We'll purchase just about any home, regardless of its history. Call our local home buyers today to ask any questions.





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